A little dip into the past - "Dear Chile" My book promo available from Amazon worldwide and from Blurb.com - The Blurb.com publication is of a higher quality but more expensive also you can get it different sizes.

Valencia Comarca TV - Denia Art Centre - Valencia "Reunion" painting exhibition 2016/17

So here is a clip of me from way way back from the 80's. I was working as a Community Arts Officer in Washington Arts Centre in Tyne and Wear UK and part of my job involved running film animation workshops for the centre. A well known Tyne Tees TV programme of the era "The Works" become interested in our work as animators and did this little interview. The programme also featured the work of my very talented dear friend animator Sheila Graber. Note I still had some HAIR in those days!! and I still have my alpaca Chilean jumper lol! :-))