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My new children activity and playbook 'Animals of the Andes Colouring and PlayBook' is now available from Amazon!

¡Mi nuevo libro de actividades y juegos para niños 'Animales de los Andes Libro para Colorear y Jugar' ya está disponible en Amazon!

Animals of the Andes Colouring and PlayBook is an activity book for children ages 4 to 8. Mazes, discovery and pages to colour with animal characters from the Andes Mountains and the Atacama desert. The book is bilingual in English and Spanish and can be used by parents and teachers as a resource for children to become familiar with a second language. Includes 50 pages including text.

Animales de los Andes Libro para Colorear y Jugar es un libro de actividades para niños de 4 a 8 años con laberintos, páginas para descubrir y colorear con personajes de animales de la Cordillera de los Andes y el desierto de Atacama. 
El libro es bilingüe en inglés y español y puede ser utilizado por padres y profesores como un recurso para que los niños se familiaricen con un segundo idioma.
Con 50 páginas incluyendo el texto.

Mr Armadillo children coloring book is out now and available from amazon!

Mr Armadillo children coloring book coming out soon and available from amazon!

The good reviews and feedback I've received for my recently published Mr Armadillo children's book in amazon, encouraged me to start working on a new coloring book based on Mr Armadillo friends and other animals native to my country Chile.

The book consist of around 24 illustrations with animal characters from the Atacama desert like the desert fox, the condor, the toads,  the ostrich, the llamas, the flamingos and many other characters ready to be colour.

You can purchase the Mr armadillo book direct from amazon in English or Spanish. To find it just go to any amazon browser and type my name this will open a page with all my books.

A second book based on Mr Armadillos adventures is planned for Spring 2017.

¡Mi nuevo libro para colorear "Don Armadillo y sus amigos" pronto estará al venta en amazon!

¡Mi nuevo libro para colorear "Don Armadillo y sus amigos" pronto estará al venta en amazon! Las buenas críticas y comentarios que he recibido sobre mi libro Don Armadillo en amazon, me han animado a comenzar y trabajar en un nuevo libro para colorear basado en Don Armadillo y sus amigos y otros personajes/animales nativos de mi país Chile.

El libro consta de alrededor de 24 imágenes incluyendo ilustraciones como el zorro del desierto de Atacama, el cóndor, los sapos, el avestruz, las llamas, los flamencos y muchos otros personajes listos para ser coloreados. Pueden comprar el libro Don Armadillo directo por amazon en inglés o español. Para encontrarlo, simplemente vaya a cualquier navegador de amazon y escriban mi nombre, esto abrirá una página con todos mis libros.

Un segundo libro basado en las aventuras de Don Armadillo está previsto para la primavera de 2017.​

All children books (and for the young at heart) are available as hard back or ebooks from the links on my books page from - Apple Ibookstore.  Books are available to download as ebooks for all devices. Just got to your retailer of your choice and add my name to their browser and voila!
Todos los libros para niños (y para aquellos de corazón joven) están disponibles como libros electrónicos o de tapa dura en - Apple iBookstore y solo tienes que agregar mi nombre al navegador y listo!

“Mr. Armadillo”  This beautifully illustrated children book (and for the young at heart) tells the story of a depressed armadillo in search for answers and happiness. 
With the help a few friends and an understanding of the simple things in life he’s able to overcome depression and be happy again.

Available soon (Spanish and English) as a hardback / through amazon and apple iBook store.

"Don Armadillo"  Un cuento para niños o para gente con corazon de niños! 
Cuenta la historia de un deprimido armadillo del desierto en busca de respuestas y la felicidad. 
Con la ayuda de unos amigos y de experimentar con las cosas simples de la vida él armadillo es capaz de superar la depresión y encontrar la felicidad.

Disponible (en Ingles y Español) en tapa dura y como através de Amazon, Apple iBook Store y


The Lambton Worm - Young Lambton never imagined that his Sunday morning catch would one day terrorise the folk of Wearside. However, the courageous Sir John returns to his home town and ensures the Lambton Worm never again wraps itself round Penshaw Hill. This exciting legend is one in a series of children books based on North East England folk lore. Also in this series: 'The Blaydon Races', the famous Geordie anthem in colourful words and pictures. 'The Bamburg Serpent', based on the Northumberland legend ;the Laidley Worm of Bamburgh' - an enchanting tale colourfully illustrated. 'Cushy Butterfield', a traditional folk ballad of a beer-loving Tyneside character. All books are beautifully illustrated by artist Jorge Lulic and include lyrics and musical score

"The Blaydon Races" has been the anthem of Tyneside in the North East of England since it was written by music hall performer George Ridley in 1862.
Most Geordies know this from the song:

"O lads, ye should only seen us gannin,
We passed the foaks upon the road just as they were stannin:
Thor wes lots oí lads aní lasses there, all wií smiling faces.
Gan alang the Scotswood Road, to see the Blaydon Races."

In this edition, the full story is told with Jorge Lulić's
delightful drawings, for anyone with an interest 
in the folk lore of the North East England.

"Cushy Butterfield" (19th century) We know of Shoe-tie Anty, Nan the Mazer and Quayside Kate, but these women are shadowy figures in comparison with their larger-than-life male counterparts.

We certainly have to look carefully at Irving’s painting of the Blaydon Races to spot a well-known woman. The effort is worthwhile though, for there she is, almost rollicking her way out of the canvas – Cushy Butterfield. ​ Cushy was a beauty of the steam age. Large, strong, noisy and bustling, she would have been a good match for Puffing Billy, thundering through her home town of Gateshead. Her florid complexion was matched by her tastes in fashion. Big goloshes, white stockings and lilac gowns, topped with rakish hats, would have lent a splash of colour to the drabness of the quayside. ​

She collected clay, which she rolled into balls and sold to the house-proud who treated their floors and steps with it. The yellow clay, with a texture like sandstone, was probably obtained from near the banks of the river Tyne. This was undoubtedly thirsty work, and Cushy Butterfield is reputed to have liked her beer. She chose not to marry her keelman, to his great sorrow, and left him singing the well-known refrain of ‘She’s a big lass and a bonny lass and I wish she was here’.

"The Bamburgh Serpent" is a story based on the old Northumbrian legend ‘The Laidley Worm of Bamburgh’ from North East England.

This colourful tale tells of a sad prince who goes to a far-away land, a beautiful princess, a fearsome serpent, an ugly toad and magic spells.

An enchanting tale for young and old.

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