Estos libros se encuentran disponible en Amazon worldwide en Español y Ingles 
These books are available from Amazon worldwide in Spanish and English.


My new book 'Masks' colouring book for adults is out now in Amazon worldwide.

This book features 40 beautiful unique masks and designs inspired by Rapa Nui and Maori art. 
Express your creativity - reveal your hidden artistic talent. Relax, unwind, and let your imagination and creative juices flow. Immerge yourself in Rapa Nui and Maori art. Colouring has been proven to clear your mind and help to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Create your own art using coloured pencils, felt tip markers, art pencils, gel pens or glitter pens. Each mask illustration is printed on its own page (22 x 28 cm) single-sided, making it easy for you to frame and display your favourite artwork.…

My new series of colouring books 'Alebrijes' Mexican Folk Art are now available from worlwide. Nueva serie de libros para colorear inspirados en "Alebrije" arte folclórico Mexicano.

Welcome to the magical world of alebrijes! Alebrijes are legendary, brightly coloured, imaginary creatures which take elements from many different animals, such as cats, fish, dragons, and dogs with bird’s feet and bat’s wings. 

Alebrijes were first created by Pedro Linares López, an artist from Mexico. 

The story begins as far back as 1936 when Linares fell terribly ill and while falling in and out of consciousness he dreamed many incredible, amazing dreams. In these dreams, he found himself walking in a forest, and came across some strange, fantastic creatures that kept chanting, “alebrije, alebrije, alebrije”. 

In Spanish, “alebrijes” is pronounced “al - ay - bree - hez”. 

Pedro was very lucky, and made a miraculous recovery. When he became strong and healthy again, he decided to bring the creatures he met in his dream to life in paintings and sculptures.


The original sculptures of alebrijes were made of paper mache, clay and carved wood, brightly painted by hand in all shapes and sizes. Alebrijes are fun, and in this colouring book there are 40 original alebrijes illustrations for you to colour at your leisure. Once you’ve coloured all of the alibrijes in this book, you could even try to dream new ones, and make imaginary alebrijes of your own!

¡Bienvenidos al mágico mundo de los alebrijes!


Los Alebrijes son criaturas imaginarias y legendarias, de colores vivos, que toman elementos de muchos animales diferentes, como gatos, peces, dragones y perros con patas de pájaro y alas de murciélago.


Los Alebrijes fueron creados por Pedro Linares López, un artista Mexicano.


La historia comienza en 1936 cuando Linares se enfermo gravemente perdiendo la conciencia. Durante su enfermedad Linares experimento unos profundos y asombrosos sueños.


En estos sueños, se vio caminando en un bosque, en el cual se encontró con algunas criaturas extrañas y fantásticas que le seguían y le gritaban, "alebrije, alebrije, alebrije".


Pedro tuvo mucha suerte, e hizo una pronta y milagrosa recuperación.

Cuando se recupero de su enfermedad, decidió darle vida a las criaturas que conoció en su sueños creando pinturas y esculturas.


Los alebrijes originales son hechos de papel maché, arcilla y madera tallada, brillantemente pintados a mano en todas las formas y tamaños.


En este libro hay 40 ilustraciones de alebrijes para colorear en tu tiempo de ocio.


¡Una vez que hayas coloreado todos los alibrijes de este libro, podrías incluso intentar imaginar o soñar otros nuevos, y crear tu propia colección de alebrijes!


 “AMERICA VIVA” an adult colouring book inspired in 

Pre-Columbian Art. Available by Amazon in English & Spanish.

Mi nuevo libro para adultos para colorear inspirado en el arte precolombino lo puedes adquirir en Español o Ingles en Amazon solo €5,36.

All the illustrations in this book are inspired in Pre-Columbian visual art from the Aztec, Maya and Inca civilisations.

Part of my family ancestry originated from the Quechua people and my grandfather could speak fluent Quechua.

The Quechua Indians of the central Andes (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and the North of Chile) are the direct descendants of the Incas.

The Inca Empire, which existed for a century before the arrival of the Spanish, was a highly developed civilization.

Immerse your self in colouring and in the wonderful world of Pre-Columbian Art.   

Todas las ilustraciones de este libro están inspiradas en el arte visual precolombino de las civilizaciones Azteca, Maya e Inca.

Parte de mi ascendencia familiar provenía de la gente quechua y mi abuelo podía hablar fluidamente  el quechua.

Los indios quechuas de los Andes centrales (Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia y el norte de Chile) son los descendientes directos de los Incas.

El Imperio Inca, que existía un siglo antes de la llegada de los españoles, era una civilización muy desarrollada y creativa.

Sumérgete en el color, la creatividad y en el maravilloso mundo del arte precolombino.

Espero disfrutes del arte de colorear.  

"Dear Chile"

Award Winner - Dear Chile Award Winner United Kingdom GO ON UK Personal Impact digital photography competition Photography Digital Skills Awards 2014.​ 'Dear Chile' is a photographic journey through towns and regions of Chile, capturing the beauty and diversity of my country from the mystical Atacama desert to the magnificent Patagonia region in Tierra del Fuego (Earth of fire). ​ The photographs mirror the footsteps of my past as I travelled once again through the cities and towns my family lived in during my childhood and teenage years. ​ The shape of Chile is quite unique. In its widest part in the Strait of Magellan, Chile is only 445 km wide but over 8.000 km long with most of its 17million inhabitants residing in the fertile valleys of the central zone. ​ Chile is a country of vast contrast and no other country in the world combines so many diverse landscapes and climate zones. ​ The selection of photographs in this book also have added significance as my son was accompanying me on his first visit to Chile. An 8000 km trip by foot, road, air and sea. A journey of discovery, which was to take us right back to our family roots. ​ Thank you to all the judges Lauren Laverne, Steps McGovern BBC, Chi Onwurah MP and Baroness Lane-Fox and all the lovely people that voted for me.  "Dear Chile" is available as a hard copy or as a digital ebook from – ibookstore and

With Baroness Lane-Fox at the book award ceremony Sunderland stadium of light, Reino Unido.
Accepting the award

Jovita Concha - a life dedicated to art

Jovita Concha is a Chilean artist resident in Paris France. She has been painting all her life. This book commemorates and celebrates her life as an artist and teacher.


Jovita Concha es una artista Chilena residente en París, Francia. Ella ha llevado toda una vida pintando. Este libro conmemora y celebra su vida como artista y profesora.


Jovita Concha est une artiste chilienne residant en France,près de Paris depuis plusieurs années. Elle a consacré toute sa vie à la peinture et ce livre commémore et célèbre l'artiste et la professeure.

"Reunion - Reencuentro - Rencontre"

With text in English, Spanish and French.

Re-union depict work from Jorge Lulić’'s most recent exhibitions. It brings together a collection of twenty seven unique works from Lulić’s prolific collection, richly portraying the variety of locations he has had the fortune to experience in recent years.